Monday, March 1, 2010

Hand Brooms for Glass Blowers

I work 9-5, Mon thru Fri at the Eugene Glass School and the glass industry has become another great passion to me. While walking through the shop a couple of months ago i noticed a raggedy old make-shift hand broom hanging from one of the benches in the hot shop. It was obviously made from an old broom that someone cut the bristles off of and bound together with a piece of wire. It was badly burnt and i wondered what the heck it could possibly be used for.

Apparently handbrooms are used to brush colored glass powder and frit on hot glass pieces I assume to even out the color and possibly texture. The make-shift hand broom appeared to be made of the thicker portion of the broom corn making a stiffer broom than a regular hand broom.

Well, I got to thinking....... there has to be a better hand broom out there for glass blowers who spend a considerable amount of time and money on their tools so i went looking and i didn't find a thing. So after talking with some glass blowers and making a few trial brooms I think i came up with a good little broom for the job.

This little hand broom can be soaked in water and used to sweep hot glass. Because it is made of good quality broom corn it doesn't just catch on fire and burn up it burns slowly so you wont burn through it too fast. I will have a few sizes available as i have found that some glassblowers like to use shorter ones that are more stiff ands some prefer longer bristles.

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