Monday, May 11, 2009


Last week I ordered a gift for my dear freind Amber, who never reads my blog. :) Thank goodness, cause I haven't given her the gift yet, and here I am blogging about it. I was just too excited to keep it to myself! The gift is so perfect for Amber and so well made. What I like the most about it is that it's so big. It's about 2 inches tall and you can really hide some stuff in that locket! I love the painting too, it's so pretty and it kind-of looks link Amber too. I had them change out the red crystal for an emerald colored one because emerald is her birth stone (mine too). I paid $20 plus shipping for this lovely locket and it was worth every penny! You can find many more lovely lockets and pendants just like this on ETSY at
SpellboundWings .

I was recently included in a couple of treasuries on Etsy:


"Just keepin' it clean"



"Pink skies at night"

Friday, May 1, 2009


Today I posted 4 wedding broom / handfasting besoms. One of each color and one broom with all the colors mixed. These brooms come with custom hand-carved bride and groom names and date of the wedding.
Throughout my 12+ years of broom making hundreds of people have purchased our brooms for use in their wedding/handfasting ceremonies and I have found that this ritual is practiced in many different cultures.

I recently purchased a collection of oil scents from Velvet Moon Bathery on ETSY called "The Art of Poisoning". A 5 set fragrance of the following scents: Posion Noir, Arsenic and Lace, Belladonna, Absinthe, Death By Chocolate.
My favorite 2 scents in this collection are Arsenic and Lace which the artist describes as "The classy lady who is sweet and seductive, yet malicious and deadly. Many take caution as to not fall victim to the death web she weaves .The classic and nostalgic fragrance of Gardenia Blossoms with soft notes of amber and vanilla." and Belladonna, described as "A fragrance that captures the flowering and poisonous beauty of Deadly Nightshade with an irresistible sweet temptation Dark floral notes of Violets, Lilacs and Jasmine blended with a hint of woody Fig topped with sweet notes of tantalizing black berry and apple blossom".
Both my favorite scents smell much different in the 1/32 oz sample bottle than on my skin, I was so suprised at that and the fact that they last all day!
I can't wait to try out another of her lovely scent collections and maybe get a bottle of my favorites. I LOVE THIS STUFF!