Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Doing a Coastal Sweep

After celebrating the Noble Glass Grand Opening with my buddies at the glass shop I decided to run off to the coast because it's craft fair season again!  I've been sweeping up and down the oregon coast over the last couple of weeks with my good friend Travis and my brooms in tow.  Selling some brooms, camping and just having a relaxing good time. 

We started off last weekend in Yachats where we arrived in the middle of the night and awoke to a beautiful sunny day.  It was the first market of the year and it was a slow start in the sleepy little town. 

After the market we traveled up Ten Mile to visit my friends, the Hoods, where Jasmine talked me into making a shower curtain for the solar shower in the garden.  I think we are going to have to make several more to cover the shower stall but this took me about 2 hours, made out of bamboo from their back yard. 

I had a great visit with Searose on Sunday night then Travis and I headed off toward home and along the drive I discovered a new beach that i had never been to because it's been closed many times before when i passed.  It's simply titled "Ocean Beach".  I think I'll have to go back and check it out some more. 

After our brief stop at the beach we headed to Florence and somewhere along the way i let Travis talk me into driving south to Port Orford instead of going home... "it's just a little way down the coast" lol. 

Well, I'm glad i went I soon found many more photogenic spots to gaze upon....

The long ride home via Elkton

A beautiful ending to a lovely weekend.  <3

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I'm so glad to FINALLY announce that I have updated my ETSY store to include shipping to CANADA!!  Woohoo! 

I have found that shipping by USPS Priority Mail is the best way to go because it's cheaper and you have less problems with customs and taxes and also if you send a package and it gets denied they send it back to you for free (this was what really sold me on it). 


Broomchick & Brutus Beefcake