Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Perfect Broom for Hanging Over the Door

I have recently gotten this question a bunch of times on my ETSY store, "What is the best size broom for hanging over the door?".  I know to some that may seem like a strange question, but it is said that hanging a broom over the door will help to keep evil and bad energy from entering your home.  Well, if your door is at the end of a narrow hallway like mine, then the answer to that question would be the Small Witch's Broom.  This broom is also perfect for use as a small altar broom.  At about 40-42 inches tall it fits perfectly over just about any door.  I have taken a few photos to show you what it looks like.

The door at the top right is larger than the other entry door and I could probably fit a regular size Witch's Broom over that door, or even a Kitchen Style Broom.  For these photo's I simply used a tack and some ribbon, but I have actually designed a set of hand forged iron hooks, made by my friend Ozz at Kalapooia Forge, that will hang a broom sideways.  Both are available on in my ETSY store.