Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oregon Country Fair Sweep

The broom shop was hoppin' at the Oregon Country Fair this year!!!  So much fun!!  It's always a blast to catch up with friends and family and see what's new.   Our new booth space is amazing and this was our 3rd year there, i think people are starting to get used to it. 

In this photo there are 3 generations of Scheumack Broom makers! 
Thurman, Eric and little Jude!  I've been working with this family for almost 15 years! 

Me, sewing a witch's besom. 

Kitchen Brooms... behaving themselves nicely.  :)

Someone brought us this broom to re-plat (the basket weave on the top part of the broom) at the fair after 15 years of use..... still has plenty of miles on it!! 

Eric - Platting a witch's broom

A baby sweeper!

A flirty girl with ostrich feather duster

Happy Feather Dusters all in a row

:)  pic says it all

My new cigar box guitar!  XO 

Faire thee well!!  

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