Friday, September 16, 2011

Broomchick's Got A New Ride!!

Just in time for the holiday season I traded in my RV for this fancy mini-van, not only is it my favorite color but there is plenty of room for carting around my brooms and of course my Brutus Beefcakes. I count my blessings and am very grateful that I was able to swap it out with no trouble. Having this new van will enable me to go on the road and do more craft shows, so watch out west coast!! Here I come!!
Keep your eyes peeled for this month's issue of Parenting Magazine, I haven't seen it yet, but I have been told that my witches broom will be featured in the Halloween issue. My brooms are a hit this time of year and are a compliment to many halloween costumes. I have 2 designs that are great for WICKED Witches and Harry Potter Enthusiasts: The Witches Broom or the Cobweb broom. You could also complete your Cinderella or Snow White costumes with a lovely Kitchen Broom or the miniature Kid's Broom.

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