Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Holiday's 2010

Happy Holiday's!!!

I am so excited to announce that I am blogging from my spiffy new laptop now. Yay!! I'm a mobile Broom Chick!! I have a feeling that i will be bloggin a whole lot more, and i have many wonderful adventures ahead of me.
My day job sprung up lemons and I will be making lemonade, lemon bars and lemon merangue and bathing in lemon juice for a while. As sour as it seems, I happen to like lemons and now I have more time to be BROOMCHICK. "dunt dunt dunnnnn!!!". I also have time to do some other things that i have been wanting to do for years, like make glass perfume bottles and pretty glass beads.
I am also very excited to announce that i will be dragging my brooms off to Maui, Hi. in February, so if you happen to be in Lahina I think i'm going to try selling under the banyon tree, if i can. I'll be hangin' out at Akimbo Glass Studio's, and most importantly hanging out at for Maui Open Studios. So excited!! !!

I finished off my year on etsy with a fabulous record breaking holiday season and recieved 2 of the sweetest compliments on my feedback.

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